Cottage Life

yesteryear cabin

Years ago when someone said they were going to the cottage it conjured up all sorts of images of what that meant.
Things like a clapboard cabin in need of paint, at the end of a dirt road with an outhouse behind the cabin, and usually no electricity or phone service with no one for miles around.
The cabin would be situated on the outskirts of a village in the country.
In the good old days just getting to the cabin was half the adventure when one factored in the weather that could make a dirt road difficult to travel and fallen trees from the wind, snow or just old age.
Once at the cottage, owners often found that squirrels had moved in over the winter.
Cottages were often difficult to insure.
Back then a deluxe cottage may have had a generator for power.

Today's life at the cottage is very much easier.
Standard features are paved and well maintained roads, water services, electricity, telephone, flush toilets and cable or satellite dishes are quite common.
There is usually a grocery store within a short drive.
It doesn't matter if it is 1960 or the new millennium, the emotion and benefit of going to the cottage is the same … to get away, relax and enjoy.

newage cabin

Now with all the conveniences offered to "Cottagers" life is a lot easier.
Cottage owners report that all the services they now enjoy have provided much more quality family time.
No more axes and shovels for the weekend.
Now it's boats, board games and leisurely walks in the country.
Today's life at the cottage is based on leisure and not toil.

cabin today